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    Ruichia Bamboo is located in Taojiang County, Hunan Province, which is hailed as "top ten lands of bamboo in china" and “hometown of Nanzhu”. The Taojiang bamboo forest covers an area of 1 million 150 thousand mu, ranking third in the country and the first in the province. With the continuous development and utilization of bamboo resources, Taojiang bamboo products have quickly occupied the domestic market and been sold to many countries in the world.

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Factory:135th Taogushan Village, Taojiang County , Hunan Province, China

Tel/Fax:+86 0737 8888642

Office:3rd Floor , No 3 Building , 100th Luyun Road, Lugu High-tech Zone , Changsha City , Hunan Province , China.


Ruichia Culture



 It is our value to create value for others. Be an honest person and do practical work


Keep on discovering. Our market lies with the customer's demand.


Only action speaks louder than any excuse or reasons. Do one thing and do it extraordinary well and seek for a sense of accomplishment in the process of constantly pursuing perfection.


It is our core competitiveness to provide customers with quality products and services quickly and efficiently.


In what aspects are we not good enough? In what aspects can we be better?  Don’t forget your beginner’s mind and move on!

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