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           Ruichia bamboo is located in Taojiang County, Hunan Province, which is hailed as "top ten lands of bamboo in china" and “hometown of Nanzhu”. The Taojiang bamboo forest covers an area of 1 million 150 thousand mu, ranking third in the country and the first in the province. With the continuous development and utilization of bamboo resources, Taojiang bamboo products have quickly occupied the domestic market and been sold to many countries in the world.


Bamboo, as a renewable resource, has a growth cycle two times more than that of trees, which can grow up in 15 days, and grow into useful timber in 3-5 years. Also, due to its good toughness and hardness, bamboo is widely used as a substitute for wood products.  It plays an important role in many fields, including the protection of the natural ecological environment. Ruiqianjia has been exploring how to make full use of bamboo resources in Taojiang, how to make bamboo products replace more plastic products or wooden products and how to make bamboo products go to the world. As it is the original intention, the motive force and mission of growing up of the company to meet the natural, healthy and environmental life philosophy and needs of more households.

Ruichia bamboo Industry has more than 10 years of experience in production. We provide one-stop service from bamboo to bamboo products and to bamboo processing. Our bamboo is harvested through manual felling, most of which is old bamboos over 5 years of growth cycle, so as to protect the natural environment to the greatest extent. Our products are simple, ecological and high quality. It is our constant pursuit to bring nature into every household and enable the inheritance and development of bamboo culture.

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